Int'l Sustainable City Exhibition Opens in Kish

Kish Island, January 28, 2023- The first edition of International Sustainable City Exhibition was opened on Kish Island with the presence of private sector companies and government institutions.

14 Major Construction Projects to Go Operational by Late March

Kish Island, December 4, 2022- Fourteen construction, tourism, and investment projects will be implemented by the end of the current Persian Year with the efforts of Kish Free Zone Organization and the private sector.

Boosting Kish Tourism through Airport Infrastructure Development

Kish Island, April 11, 2021- The interim CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization emphasized strict and continuous follow-up to complete the construction process of the new passenger terminal of Kish International Airport.

Kish to Host Construction Industry Event

Kish Island, March 10, 2021-Sadra 1400 event with a knowledge-based approach in the construction industry will be held today on Kish Island.

5G Mobile Network Goes Live in Kish

Kish Island, March 10, 2021-Kish Island has launched the fifth generation, or 5G, of mobile networks.

Kish Hospital to Upgrade COVID-19 Treatment Facilities

Kish Island, September 8, 2020- Kish special care center for COVID-19 and infectious patients called "FIAK Complex" with 44 beds and five isolation beds with medical equipment is being prepared to provide medical services to patients with COVID-19.

Kish Island to Transform into a Smart City

Kish Island, September 7, 2020- Two fiber optic projects of Kish Island will be inaugurated with the aim of creating quality infrastructure for sustainable communication in businesses and improving the quality of communication technology for Kish residents and transform Kish Island into a smart city.

Passenger Capacity to Double by Launching Jet Bridges in Kish Airport Terminal Project

Kish Island, June 30, 2020- The Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization has announced the supply of 10 jet bridges worth 55 billion tomans in the Kish Airport terminal project.

Kish to Host Harireh International Award Ceremony

Kish Island, November 11, 2019- The National Conference on the Iranian Coastal Offshores Architecture and the Cities of Tomorrow, with the aim of recognizing and restoring Native Architecture of the Southern Offshores of Iran, based on new technologies of the construction industry will be held in Kish Island from 22 to 24 January this year.

14th International Exhibition of Construction and Civil Engineering Underway in Kish

Kish Island, November 3, 2018- The 14th International Exhibition of Construction and Civil Engineering kicked off in Kish Island on Friday, November 2.

Middle East–Europe Forum Participants Hail Kish Island Potentials as International Conference Hub

Kish Island, October 23, 2018- MEEF professors and foreign Guests have hailed the development process of Kish Island to turn to the hub of international scientific conferences.

Kish Turns into an International and Regional Aviation Hub

Kish Island, July 16, 2018- Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization has announced the completion of Kish Island airport infrastructure to turn to an international aviation hub.

Residential Project Inaugurated in Kish Island

Kish Island, May 19, 2018- In a ceremony attended by Morteza Bank and Ansari Lari, the 4th and 5th Sarv Towers of Kish Dehkadeh Saheli have been inaugurated.

Kish to Host 13th International Expo on Construction and Civil Engineering

Kish Island, April 19, 2017- The 13th edition of the International Exhibition of Construction and Civil Engineering will be held in Kish Island. ...

Kish Introduced as Pilot for Implementing Marine Technology Tourism

The Persian Gulf island of Kish has been introduced as a pilot for implementing marine technology tourism during a seminar on marine tourism