International Students; Kish Culture & Science Ambassadors

Kish Island, December 25, 2022-International students could play a role in different parts of the world as Kish culture and science ambassadors after graduating from universities on Kish island.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, Mehdi Keshavarz made the remarks during his visit to the University of Medical Sciences, Kish International Campus, on Thursday, December 22. "With the cooperation of the KFZO's Tourism Deputy Director to attract international tourists from 15 countries, educational meetings can be held for students to develop specialized tourism in the region through cultural exchange with other countries," he added.

KFZO head emphasized the importance of establishing joint international campuses with prominent medical schools in the region and other parts of the world and added: "In addition to the transfer of cultural and scientific issues, the activity of international campuses in Kish can be the basis for the optimal use of each other's equipment and knowledge."

He also pointed out: the activity of experienced professors in the international campuses of Kish, in line with the exchange of knowledge and culture, will improve the level of specialized and sub-specialized hospitals in Kish.

Considering the activities of university professors in different hospitals and their complete familiarity with medical equipment, they can play an influential role in the development and progress of the medical field of this region.

Regarding benefiting from the existing capacity and experiences of other universities in the marketing field, Mehdi Keshavarz stated: Universities should play an active role in health tourism, treatment, medicine, and its various types.

Referring to the Supreme Leader's guidelines, he said, "The universities must be connected to the industry."

While expressing his satisfaction with the activities carried out in Kish International Campus, the University of Medical Sciences, emphasizing attracting as many international students as possible, Mehdi Keshavarz said: the vision of this region is the presence of 3 thousand international students in Kish Island by 2026.

Keshavarz emphasized that universities should take the basic and necessary measures in this regard, and Kish Free Zone Organization will not hesitate to provide assistance in issuing licenses and other essential support.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO