5G Mobile Network Goes Live in Kish

Kish Island, March 10, 2021-Kish Island has launched the fifth generation, or 5G, of mobile networks.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, in a ceremony attended by Dr. Jafar Ahangaran, the interim CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization, Dr. Sattar Hashemi, Deputy Minister for Innovation and Technology Affairs, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, and Dr. Abbasi Arand, the CEO of Irancell Telecommunications Services Company (MTN Group), and a group of local officials, the first fifth-generation mobile site was launched in Kish.

According to this report, previously, a quadripartite memorandum of understanding had been signed between Kish Free Zone Organization; the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology; the Communication and Information Technology Research Institute; and Irancell Company to create a smart urban transport pilot based on new generation telecommunication networks. Operation of the fifth-generation mobile networks site in Kish was one of the main requirements of this memorandum.

Creating up-to-date and efficient infrastructures, improving the quality of sustainable communication in businesses, enhancing the telecommunication services for Kish residents, and realizing the smart city vision, with the development of Kish Island fiber-optic network with an approximate length of 100 km, connecting Kish fiber optics to the mainland through the installation of sea cable to develop and strengthen the field of fixed and stable communications, have been among the critical infrastructural measures of Kish Free Zone Organization to strengthen telecommunications in recent years. These measures will provide the necessary platform to access the fifth-generation mobile networks in Kish.

Also, a specialized meeting to review the progress of this quadripartite memorandum and to create a smart urban transportation pilot based on the 5G communication network was held in the Razi Hall of Kish International Conference Center.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO