Kish Day, Great Opportunity for Post-Covid Business Recovery

Kish Island, November 10, 2021- Kish Free Zone Organization’s CEO stressed that Kish day is an opportunity for recovery from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, in a press conference with the island media on the occasion of November 11, “Kish Day,” Jafar Ahangaran, the Chairman and CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization, pointed out the importance of the region’s position in the country and said: “Kish is the embodiment of all the good characteristics and exemplary cohesion between economic activists, managers and residents of Kish and this important event should turn to a day of loyalty, affection, and love.”

He expressed his satisfaction with the number of flights to Kish on November 5 and said: “108 flights landed on Kish for the first time after successfully passing the fifth wave of the coronavirus epidemic, which is a promise of better days ahead for the island.”

He said that the development of Kish is due to all the efforts made over the years so far, adding: “All those who played a role in the development and progress of this region should be honored and appreciated in this great event.”

“Now that the peak of the fifth coronavirus wave has largely passed, Kish day is an opportunity to seize post-disaster and post-conflict recovery.” Ahangaran reiterated.

Meanwhile, KFZO Deputy Minister of Culture and Social Affairs expressed satisfaction with the tourism boom and announced an increase in the hotel occupancy rate to up to 80% in recent months. He also pointed to the strong presence of the island’s private sector in the field of event planning.  “holding various celebrations in the island’s markets and malls, and numerous sports and entertainment competitions are among the programs organized by the private sector,” he continued.

Seyyed Alireza Alavi Razavi, KFZO Director of Public Relations and International Affairs, also stated that Covid 19 imposed critical conditions and many difficulties on all communities and businesses, adding: “After the peak of the fifth coronavirus wave, we hope to see prosperity, dynamism, and vitality again in Kish and the country, and Kish Day is the beginning.

Abdul Nabi Sharafi, CEO of Kish Development, Water and Services Company, expressed that having a day called Kish is a good opportunity to implement various programs in the island and added: “This event while introducing the Kish Free Zone in the form of an admirable model and an ideal city will have a significant impact on the empathy and support of the residents to preserve the valuable assets of Kish.

Installation of Kish Day greeting banners and indigo flags in the streets, water screening for five days in the recreational pier, distribution of cloth bags to the public to promote the “No to plastic” motto in Kish, to protect the environment, planting trees for health defenders to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of medical staff, installing flags on the public transports, free transportation of passengers and tourists at the port and airport entrances to the destination and giving welcome flowers to passengers at the airport are among the programs of Kish Development, Water and Services Company on Kish Day.

According to Sharafi, free transportation by 70 minibusses in the city for residents and tourists, showing various videos on the subject of municipal service activities, appreciating green space workers for their efforts with cash rewards, and free hosting of travelers, tourists, and residents to Kariz Underground Complex, are also planned for November 11, Kish Day.

Also, Farzipour, the head of Kish Sports and Recreation Center, mentioned  organizing cycling competition with the participation of professional riders in the country with the cooperation of Mika Company, holding open water swimming competitions with 100 swimmers from all over the country, holding paddleboard, parasail, beach soccer and Sepak takraw competitions for women, the opening of water skiing bases and weightlifting  halls, and maneuvers of Kish sea clubs as other programs to be held on the occasion of Kish Day.

Establishing a permanent secretariat of Kish Day, turning Kish Day event into Kish Week and allocating each day to special tourism, cultural, sports programs, inviting Dr. Ansari Lari as the founder of Kish Day and designing a commemorative stamp for him, honoring Kish celebrities, the launch of a carnival of happiness on the island, introducing Kish Day in night shows and print and online media, and taking advantage of radio and television as the national press were the topics discussed at this press conference.

It should be mentioned that car joy maneuver at 6:00 pm, Kish night public celebration from 8:00 to 10:00 pm, family walk on Thursday, November 11 to introduce the name “Kish Sunrise,” entitled “Keep up with Tolo-e Kish,” Damoon Mall celebrations, Kish indigenous' special welcome of travelers at the airport, bus tour for kids, making dolphin sculptures, wind instruments concert, the folk celebration in front of building “20”,  Avaye Jazireh music school's show, handicrafts exhibition, Quranic circle, Island tour for international students, the unveiling of the book "Kish Aqueducts" and the story of Dastan-e Kish in the house of natives and the family walk “Along with Kish sunset” from Hur hut to the Greek ship on Friday are among other cultural programs on Kish Day.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO