Kish Island, Asian Deaf Competitions Center in Iran

Kish Island, November 26, 2022- Mohammad Pargar described Kish Island as a region where its sport has strategic plans and a scientific approach.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization,   Mohammad Pargar, the President of the Asia Pacific Deaf Sports Confederation, together with APDSC Secretary-General Enkhbayar.J., and APDSC Treasurer Lim Heng Tuck, in a meeting with Mehdi Keshavarz, positively evaluated the sports facilities and capacities of this region.

Pargar said: "Preliminary plans have been put on the agenda with Kish Free Zone Organization's support to host the Asian Deaf Games."

He stressed the importance that by formulating the organization's vision centered on sports, the island can be a good host for Asian countries.

According to Pargar, during the visits, the attention of the confederation was drawn to the existing capacities in the sports area of Kish Island.

APDSC President stated: "Sports standardization in two years is a great opportunity to prepare this region to host the Asian Games, and for sure, this capacity will be effective in attracting other sports federations."

"This region can enjoy international sports standards shortly," Pargar pointed out.

Stating that Kish Island has good capacities as a city without the traffic and with pure oxygen, Pargar said: The capacities of this island should be appropriately informed for the development of the tourism industry in Asia.

"With the cooperation and interaction created, we can organize 21 sports for Asian deaf people on Kish Island," he stated.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO