Rahim Sarhangi Appointed as New CEO of KFZO

Iran’s Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Ehsan Khandouzi has appointed Rahim Sarhangi as the new CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO).

Kish Offers Free Vaccinations to Foreign Residents

Kish Island, January 3, 2023- The vaccination plan for foreign nationals and immigrants under 15 years of age living in Kish Island started on Saturday, December 31, 2022, and will continue until January 11, 2023.

Diver Martyrs National Congress Underway in Kish

Kish Island, December 25, 2022- Martyrs are and will always be the light of the way, and with the help of these martyrs, we will reach a point where we will hand over the flag of the revolution to its original owner, "Sahib Al-Zaman." Mehdi Keshavarz made the remarks on the sidelines of the first National Congress of Martyr Divers.

Twenty Lives in Depths of Persian Gulf Premieres in Kish

Kish Island, November 14, 2022- The documentary “Twenty Lives in the Depths of the Persian Gulf” by Kazem Bayram Bakhsh will have its premiere at Kish International Conference Center this week.

Creating Global Tourism Hub on Kish

Kish Island, September 10, 2022- Mahdi Keshavarz announced the creation of an international tourism hub on the beautiful Island of Kish by presenting the most important plans and upcoming actions.

Kish Island Photographer Wins Gold at Turkey’s Arbella Competition

Kish Island, May 8, 2022- Kish Free Zone Organization’s photographer, Hossein Tahavori, has won a gold medal at the 12th edition of the Arbella International Photography Competition in Turkey.

New KFZO CEO Appointed

Kish Island, March 15, 2022- The President's Advisor and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade Zones has appointed Mehdi Keshavarz, the new CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization.

Attracting Young Generation & New Ideas in Islamic Iran's Rich Culture to Facilitate Cultural Transformation

Kish Island, December 16, 2021-The head of Kish Free Zone Organization described the absorption of new ideas and the young generation in the rich culture of Islamic Iran as one of the essential and valuable indicators in transforming the cultural atmosphere of this region.

KFZO Head Holds Press Conference

Kish Island, November 15, 2021- In a meeting with Mohammad Reza Navaie Lavasani, Kish journalists put their challenges and suggestions forward.

Kish Free Zone, on the Verge of Major Transformation

Kish Island, November 14, 2021- The President's Advisor has described the appointment of Mohammad Reza Navaie Lavasani as the head of Kish Free Zone Organization as a significant change in the field of investment in this region.

Kish Day, Great Opportunity for Post-Covid Business Recovery

Kish Island, November 10, 2021- Kish Free Zone Organization’s CEO stressed that Kish day is an opportunity for recovery from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Works by Kish Artist on View at Int'l "Art Fair" in Turkey

Kish Island, November 4, 2021- The works of Kish Island graphic artist, Mashia Haghi, are displayed at Istanbul Art and Antique Fair .

International Relations to Be Improved through Membership in Silk Road Cities Association

Kish Island, May 8, 2021- Saeed Pourali described the accession of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free Zones to the World Assembly of Silk Road Cities as a valuable opportunity to develop international interactions in free zones.

Kish; Exporter of New Technologies Overseas

Kish Island, March 9, 2021-Kish Island, as Iran's first free zone, can be a center for presenting new technologies abroad.

Jafar Ahangaran Appointed Kish Free Zone Organization Head

Kish Island, March 1, 2021- The President's Advisor and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade Zones has appointed Dr. Jafar Ahangaran as the interim CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization.