Kish Hospital to Upgrade COVID-19 Treatment Facilities

Kish Island, September 8, 2020- Kish special care center for COVID-19 and infectious patients called "FIAK Complex" with 44 beds and five isolation beds with medical equipment is being prepared to provide medical services to patients with COVID-19.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, Mustafa Nadalinejad, the director of Kish Hospital, stated that the special care center for COVID-19 and infectious patients called "FIAK" was opened some days ago by the president's advisor, pointing to the need to transfer the respiratory ward of Kish Hospital to the "FIAK Complex" and said: "Based on careful planning, separating the infectious and respiratory wards will calm and reassure people with certain underlying medical conditions and Kish residents to use the hospital's medical services."

"This complex with an area of over one thousand meters is divided into three sections including "hospitalization, Clinic and Special ward" to provide patients with COVID-19 with medical services," Nadalinejad stated.

Regarding the medical and therapeutic equipment of the special center for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 and infectious diseases, the director of Kish Hospital stated: " A "PCR test device" has been purchased and will be placed in this complex so that patients can refer to FIAK complex for sampling. Also, installing a "Plasma Freezing device" in the respiratory isolation ward will speed up the treatment process of patients with COVID-19."