Youngest and Fastest Woman to Travel to Every Country Visits Kish Island

Kish Island, April 12, 2018 -The 23-year-old native of, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Roll Tide), visited Kish Island on her way to becoming the youngest and fastest woman in history to travel to every country in the world.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, if she completes her mission on schedule, before her 24th birthday, she will establish a new Guinness World Record as the youngest and fastest person to visit all 195 countries on Earth.

She traveled from Nepal to Dubai and on Wednesday, April 11, arrived in Kish from Dubai, leaving Kish Island for the United Arab Emirates the next day.

Taylor Demonbreun pointed out that it was very easy and inexpensive for her to travel to Kish because she did not need a visa and said: "One of the hotels in the private sector was my sponsor in Kish."

In her short trip to Kish, she visited the spectacular sites of the island, including the Green Tree complex, Harireh, Hur Cottage, the Greek Ship, and Simorgh Beach, and took photos next to the world's largest anchor structure, registered in Guinness.

Referring to the charm of the sea and the coral coast of Kish Island, she announced her decision to return to Kish, adding that "upon completion of this tour, I will go back to Kish and enjoy the different attractions of this beautiful coral island."

The American Traveler also noted that she will never forget the beauty and tranquility of the island of Kish.

Demonbreun graduated from Vanderbilt University last May, with degrees in economics and public policy. On June 1, less than a month after graduating, she set out for her first country in an attempt to break Guinness World Records for fastest and youngest person to visit every country around the world. Since starting her journey in the Dominican Republic, Demonbreun has visited 123 different countries from South America to Europe to Asia over the course of nine months.

Demonbreun blogs about her experience traveling and hopes to inspire other people to push beyond their comfort zones, explore new cultures and learn more about themselves in the process.

She’s gained firsthand experience of strangers’ kindnesses through the Guinness challenge itself. In every country, Demonbreun must ask two witnesses to sign proof that she was there and provide their contact information. She must also take a photograph with a geolocation tag (generally a “crappy selfie”) and record the times of her entries into and out of each country.

She hopes to finish the entire journey by September, but she has until December to finish the trip and still break two Guinness world records.

It should be noted that the latest person who received a Guinness World Record for becoming the youngest person to travel to all sovereign countries is James Asquith (UK) who was 24 years and 192 days old when he arrived in the final country, Federated States of Micronesia, on 8 July 2013. He visited all 195 countries at the age of 24, covering most countries within five years.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO