Tourism Will Bounce Back by Next Year

Kish Island, February 27, 2021- The Deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones expressed hope that tourism will return to normal next year.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, in Tourism and Rural Development Exhibition, which started on February 23 at Tehran International Exhibition Center, Mohammad Ali Vakili, in response to our reporter's question about the damage to the tourism sector of free zones, said: " Like other parts of the country, tourism did not go well in free zones. In this sense, the sectors associated with this huge industry have barely survived."

He added: "It is hoped that speeding up the pace of coronavirus vaccinations abroad and the success of domestically produced vaccines, will help to get out of this situation, and the country's tourism in Iran will return to normal in 1400."

Regarding the tourism conditions in Kish, Vakili said: "Kish has become a substitute for foreign and regional trips of some people in our country in the past year due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the rise in currency prices, and this was a good thing for Kish."

"The prosperity of tourism and the development of various and attractive projects in the field of tourism in Kish is more than other free zones and can be further strengthened by offering investment packages in Kish," he added.

The official in the High Council of Free Zones described the active participation of Kish Free Zone Organization in this year's exhibition, which was attended by representatives of the tourism departments of Kish Island, as valuable and effective.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO