Senior KFZO Advisor, Malaysian Ambassador Meet in Kish

Kish Island, January4, 2015- The senior advisor to the managing director of Kish Free Zone Organization has held a meeting with the Malaysian ambassador to Tehran to explore avenues for the expansion of bilateral ties between Kish Island and Malaysia.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, the KFZO official pointed to the common grounds between Iran and Malaysia, emphasizing that the relations between the two Muslim nations have never been prone to basic changes.

During the session held on the Persian Gulf Island of Kish, Rasoul Keshtpour described the meeting with the Malaysian envoy as a great opportunity to exchange experiences between Iran and Malaysia.

Exchange of tourists between Malaysian and Kish Island, sister city arrangement between Kish Island and Penang Island, investment by Malaysian investors in Kish development projects and transferring Malaysian pilgrims from Kish to Mecca as an alternative flight path to Dubai and Karachi, were among the major issues discussed in the meeting between Keshtpour and Raja Nushirwan Zainal Abidin.

Raja Nushirwan Zainal Abidin for his part hailed the tourist attractions on Kish Island and said he would pursue the issue of sister city arrangement between Kish and Penang Islands.

He underlined that cooperation between Iran and Malaysia needs exchange of information and experience.

Iran, like Malaysia, is rich in tourism attractions but suffers from lack of dissemination of information in this regard, said the Malaysian ambassador.

Iran needs effective distribution of information at global level to introduce its investment opportunities, he emphasized.

Raja Nushirwan Zainal Abidin also pointed to what he called Iran's poor performance regarding advertising in global arena and said foreign tourists visiting the country are surprised by witnessing the high level of security and safety in Iran.

He said creating a positive image of Iran is the key to attracting foreign investors and tourists into the country.

Expansion of tourism needs full support from government, he reiterated.

Many of the tour leaders working in Kuala Lumpur are Iranians who can contribute to boosting the country's tourist industry.

He said adding Kish tour to Dubai tour packages can be one of the ways to attract Malaysian tourists into Iran.

At the end of the meeting, the Iranian official pointed to the measures planned by KFZO to draw more Malaysian tourists into Kish.

Kish Free Zone Organization intends to hold "Kish Night Ceremony" in Malaysia to make Malaysians more familiar with the tourist capacities in the Persian Gulf Island.

 PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO