New Year Message by the Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization, Dr. Mounesan

Spring is on the way and the universe is witnessing yet another miracle ....

Spring is on the way and the universe is witnessing yet another miracle by the creator of the universe which is part of the process of beauty and perfection. The delicate sense of spring delights human soul and gives a sense of awakening to the minds tired of monotonous daily routines. I would like to congratulate all Iranians, Kish citizens in particular, as well as tourists visiting the beautiful Persian Gulf Island on the advent of spring and wish them further happiness and accomplishment in the new year.

Nowruz is an invaluable opportunity for integrating ancient Persian cultural legacy with the moral teachings of Islam. It promotes social bliss, as well as sympathy with less privileged people in the society. We are grateful that Nowruz this year coincides with the political and economic spring in Iran and due to the removal of sanctions against Iran, and thanks to the prudence and spirit of hope boosted by the government, the blossoms of self-confidence and national resolution have come out and this ancient nation is taking step toward development and progress.  

Kish Island, as Iran’s top tourism destination in 2015, has already drawn up a comprehensive targeted plan for boosting tourism industry and required infrastructure. Equipping Kish super specialty hospital with modern technology for boosting health tourism, setting up a new power plant to meet the growing demand for electricity in the area, establishing a new sewage treatment facility, building new container docks in Kish commercial port, expanding and modernizing passenger terminals at Kish international airport are among the activities carried out by Kish Free Zone Organization to pave the way for giving more favorable services to tourists visiting Kish as well as economic activists in Kish island.

Beautifying streets, squares and the coastal line, constructing Persian Garden Road and parks aimed at enriching families’ leisure time and bringing about a more pleasant stay for tourists visiting Kish, were also other activities carried out by KFZO.  Also, 14 international exhibitions and nearly 150 domestic conferences were mounted in Kish, turning the Persian Gulf Island into the hub for holding scientific and economic events in Iran.   

All these activities, along with the support of the residents of Kish, ultimately brought about a great boom in asset market and tourism sector in the island.

During the post-sanctions era in the new year, Kish island will do its best to stabilize a dynamic economic environment to attract major domestic and foreign investments and open the country’s gates for boosting trade with other countries and increasing Iran’s share of the booming tourism industry in the world.

Finally, I would like to pray to God for growing prosperity for the residents and tourists visiting Kish and stable peace and prosperity in the region and across the world.