KFZO Participates in Iran’s Most Important Economic Event

Kish Free Zone Organization has presented its export-oriented capabilities in the second edition of the exhibition of investment packages and export capabilities of Iran’s free and special economic zones.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, the exhibition is underway in the northeastern city of Mashhad from July 18 to 22 (3-8 pm, local time).

Four selected manufacturing-industrial companies based in Kish Free Zone Organization including Vasimkish, Metlok-Kish, Fars Technology and Persian Gulf Company showcase their products in the exhibition.

Also, booklets compiled by Kish Free Zone Organization in Persian, English, Arabic and Chinese, featuring 110 investment packages in diverse areas including tourism, health, and construction as well as cultural, logistics, residential, administrative and commercial infrastructure will be offered to investors.

 According to this report, the value of investment opportunities in Kish Free Zone offered by KFZO is 500 thousand billion Rials or nearly $120 million which will create direct employment for more than 11 thousand people.

Identifying and attracting domestic and foreign investments and inking joint cooperation agreements top the agenda of Kish Free Zone Organization in this exhibition.