KFZO Head Visits Kish Tissue Regeneration Corporation

Kish Island, November 23, 2021- During the visit to Kish Tissue Regeneration Corporation, Dr. Mohammad Reza Lavasani was informed about the process of the company's activities.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, Mohammad Reza Lavasani, the interim CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization, visited Kish Tissue Regeneration Corporation on Monday, November 22, and evaluated the corporation's level of activities as positive.

Tissue Regeneration Corporation(TRC), a bio-engineering high-tech firm in Kish Island, produces synthesis for marrowbone membranes, tendons, and other live membranes. It is a multi-facility institute specializing in preparing a wide range of grafts based on the science of tissue engineering. Tissue engineering is an emerging science that aims to regenerate existing biological tissue and create new tissue using biological cells and biomaterials.

With 130 professional staff, the corporation operates in three shifts with very high technology. About one million and eight hundred thousand people in the country use its products.

Tissue engineering combines cells, scaffolds, and growth factors to regenerate tissues or replace damaged or diseased tissues, a single organ donor may save up to eight people, and a single tissue donor may enhance the lives of up to 200 people.

The products of this company have the top ranks in the country after the pharmaceutical industry.

The new head of Kish Free Zone Organization also visited Taha Pooyesh Company in this region.

During the visits, Mohammad Reza Lavasani, hearing the problems faced by these two companies, issued orders to investigate and follow up to solve their problems.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO