KFZO Head Speech at 12th Edition of Asian Congress of Urology

Kish Island, December 6, 2014- Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization welcomed all of the participants of the 12th edition of Asian Congress of Urology which is held on Kish Island and expressed the hope that the results coming from the international congress will ultimately lead to the scientific advances and the improvement of medical diagnostic methods.

In his speech delivered during the opening ceremony of the congress, Ali Asghar Mounesan pointed to the long history of medical science in Iran and said the country played a major role in the promotion of medicine in recent centuries.

 “The great country of Iran, given its long history of medical science, has played a major role in the promotion of medicine in the past centuries. Prominent Iranian physician, Avicenna,  discovered the scientific reasons for many diseases a thousand years ago and attempted to treat patients in his era and left a valuable legacy for the researchers and physicians in the past centuries,” said Mounesan.

 KFZO managing director described healthcare as a basic human need and one of the most important factors contributing to the development of a country.

Mounesan described medical congresses as great opportunities to exchange expertise and information through cooperation among the medical experts to bridge the existent gaps in medical sciences and pave the way for tackling many health problems across the world particularly in developing nations-regardless of political relations among countries.

Given the significance of this international congress, hundreds of physicians and urology experts from different countries from around the world have come together in Kish, said Mounesan.

 "I, as the managing director of Kish Free Zone and as the representative of the people and investors of this island, take honor in hosting the international scientific event. Kish Island, as the first free zone in Iran, enjoys best tourism facilities and is a top spot for holding international and regional gatherings and conferences".

 KFZO managing director also pointed to the unique natural attractions of Kish calling it an ideal tourism destination for families.

“With its unique nature, Kish has the potential to become one of the safest destinations for Halal tourism, including recreational tours for families…We seek to use the domestic capabilities to prepare required infrastructure to host 3.5 million tourists who visit the Island annually,” Mounesan reiterated.

He referred to the development of the Persian Gulf Island's infrastructure in recent years and said Kish Free Zone Organization seeks to expand health tourism on the Persian Gulf Island.

“Due to its great geographical location and its quiet and tranquil environment as well as its developed health sector and free zone regulations including no-visa entry, Kish can be a favorable place for the patients seeking a cure to their diseases.”

He also pointed to the unique properties of Kish Island including no-visa entry, and described it as the best destination for health tourists.

Mounesan also said KFZO is determined to promote medical tourism on Kish Island via using the capacities and capabilities of the Persian Gulf Island.

“The establishment of the first specialty hospital by the private sector with the aim of attracting health tourists into Kish Island indicated that the island can and should take the best advantage of its capacities and capabilities in this regard. Kish Free Zone Organization has already designated a large area on Kish Island for building a medical town and has adopted measures to facilitate investment in the project and prepare the ground for the presence of medical experts to promote health tourism on the island.”

Mounesan also expressed the hope that holding the congress deepens mutual ties among the medical societies of countries and the results of the scientific event have fruitful results for the promotion of medical science.

 “I hope that the presence of specialized physicians in this great scientific gathering, leads to more sympathy and more profound mutual ties among the medical societies of countries and the results of the scientific event positively affect the medical science,” the CEO of KFZO concluded.

The 12th edition of Asian Congress of Urology kicked off on Kish Island on Friday, with more than 2,000 Iranian and foreign physicians in attendance.

 The previous editions of the congress have been held in Japan, Taiwan and India and this is the first time that a Middle Eastern country hosts the major medical event

Medical experts from 26 countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, US, Britain, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Austria, South Korea, Qatar and UAE have taken part in the congress.

The congress is seen as the biggest international medical event held in Iran during the past 50 years.