Establishing Interaction with Aviation Industry Investors Generates Economic Growth

Kish Island, December 13, 2022- Mehdi Keshavarz invited domestic and foreign investors participating in the 11th Kish International Air Show to invest in this beautiful island.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, in the opening ceremony of the 11th Kish International Air Show, while pointing out the characteristics of Kish Island, which can be the basis for the promotion of the aviation industry, Mehdi Keshavarz invited the investors of this industry to cooperate. This ceremony was held with the presence of domestic and foreign experts, national officials, managers of organizations and institutions related to the aviation industry, and CEOs of airline companies, as well as researchers and experts in the aviation industry, foreign guests, especially Russian business people, domestic people in business, and members of the media.

At the beginning of his speech, Keshavarz, while appreciating the efforts, support, and efforts of all those involved, especially the head of the National Aircraft Organization and the organizer of this conference and the international air exhibition of the country, stated: This exhibition is the most significant aviation industry event that has been regularly held biennially on Kish Island for the past 20 years, and we hope that in the next three days, the 11th edition of the exhibition will be held in a worthy manner by hosting domestic and foreign companies.

The Chairman of Kish Free Zone Organization listed the objectives of holding the Kish International Air Exhibition as "Using the upcoming opportunities in domestic and international dimensions, carrying out interactions between domestic and foreign companies, presenting the capabilities and progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of this industry, introducing knowledge-based companies, using domestic and foreign investment capacities in developing and reconstructing the air fleet, presenting aerospace faculties and production research centers, and companies supporting the aviation and aviation industries, and flying different types of light and ultralight flights, helicopters, parachutes, balloons, etc."

Stating that Kish air exhibition plays a significant role in expanding the business opportunities of domestic and foreign stakeholders in the country's aviation, aerospace, and aviation industry, Mehdi Keshavarz, said: "Considering the characteristics of Kish Island, all the investors of this industry in the sector who are aligned with the vision and goals of this island are invited to cooperate with their presence and investment to provide the ground for its upliftment along with the economic prosperity of Kish Island.

It should be mentioned that the 11th International Exhibition of Air and Aviation Industries of Iran, with the presence of 80 domestic companies and ten foreign companies from Russia, China, and Ethiopia presenting their latest achievements in the field of the aviation industry in the exhibition space of 6000 square meters in Kish Island kicked off on Tuesday, December 13,  and will be underway until Friday, December 16.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO