CAO Grants Kish Airport Aerodrome Certificate

Kish Island, July 7, 2019-Iran Civil Aviation Organization has granted an aerodrome certificate to Kish Island Airport. The aerodrome certificate.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, at the meeting with the presence of Dr. Mozaffari, the chairman and CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization, Ali Abedzadeh, head of the Civil Aviation Organization and a group of officials from the two organizations in Tehran, Kish Island International Airport received a certificate from Civil Aviation Organization on June 30.

Based on the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, international airports are required to receive an Aerodrome Certificate from the State Aviation Authority in their respective country, in accordance with the 14th Amendment of the Chicago Convention.

As stated by this report, each year, after checking the compliance of the international airports with the international regulations, the certificate will be awarded to eligible airports, this year Kish Island is the first international airport in the country to receive this certificate.

The process of granting this certification includes extensive audits on the standardization of airport infrastructures, airport operational standards, as well as the implementation of some of the necessary systems for improving airport services, done by a team of 12 civil aviation specialists at the Kish airport this year.

Dr. Mozaffari highlighted this success as a result of a joint effort by managers and staff of Kish ports and airports development company, "Kish Island is a valuable national asset in the country and a worthwhile national capital, and the utmost efforts should be made to use this valuable asset well", he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Abedzadeh said that the authorities of Kish Free Zone Organization and Kish Ports and Airports Company should work harder to maintain and upgrade the standards after obtaining the certificate. After receiving the certification, the monitoring process of the Civil Aviation Organization was completed and the responsibility for monitoring the improvement of the standards will be at Kish International Airport, which will make them even more burdensome.

Referring to the fact that last year, despite the decrease in the number of flights at other airports in the country, Kish Island experienced good growth in flights, he said, "This reflects the valuable potentials of Kish Island and the Iranians' desire to travel to this beautiful island. We, also, must strive to strengthen the infrastructures and create the opportunity for maximizing the potentials of Kish airport to develop tourism in this free zone.

It should be noted that the validity period for this certificate is one year, which states that Kish Airport has the standards of the National Aviation Organization in terms of operating operational compliance and adaptation of the airport infrastructures.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO