First Cruise Restaurant Ship to Dock in Kish Port

Kish Island, December 6, 2022- The Royaye Darya ship is ready to sail in the Persian Gulf waters to boost marine tourism on Kish island and create an authentic dining experience on board.

Tourism Infrastructure; Key Element of Tourism Development

Kish Island, November 22, 2022- The meeting of the Tourism Commission of Iran Chamber of Commerce was held with the presence of Mehdi Keshavarz, the CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization.

Inaugural Kish- Doha Fight by IranAir Fully Booked

Kish Island, November 20, 2022- The first flight from Kish to Doha, has been fully booked and will take off from Kish Free Zone for Doha on Monday, November 21.

Kish-Doha Flights Launch for Qatar World Cup 2022

Kish Island, November 13, 2022-With the special follow-up of Mahdi Keshavarz, the CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization, and the cooperation of the head of the Civil Aviation Organization, Iran Air has launched a Kish-Doha flight route for the fans of the Iran national football team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Kish Week Programs Announced

Kish Island, November 11, 2022- KFZO's Cultural and Social Deputy has organized several fun programs in the honor of Kish Week.

Kish Hosts Int'l Cultural Tourism Expo

Kish Island, September 06, 2022- Kish Island hosts the first edition of a cultural tourism exhibition, putting on display the Islamic Republic’s arts, tourism, and culture as well as different ethnic groups and costumes in the country.

International Flights to/from Kish to Relaunch

Kish Island, August 10, 2022- The head of the development and management of Kish ports and airports announced the establishment of flights from Kish to Muscat, Dubai, and vice versa shortly, referring to the island's needs and its merchants and traders of Kish.

Kish, Ready to Provide Services & Attract Investors for Qatar World Cup

Kish Island, April 10, 2022-The Adviser to the President and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial and Special Economic Zones considered the Qatar World Cup event an excellent start to turn Iran, especially Kish and Qeshm Islands, into a regional hub and said: The primary targeting of Kish is tourism, sports, and health.

Kish Free Zone Hosts Qatari Delegation

Kish Island, April 10, 2022- Following the special order of Ayatollah Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to use the capacities of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, and the Minister of Transport and Communications of Qatar will meet on Kish Island to check Iran's infrastructure to support the 2022 World Cup.

Kyrgyzstan's Investment in Kish, a Positive Step Towards Tourism Industry Growth

Kish Island, February 2, 2022 -The representative of the Kyrgyz Consulate in Iran has stressed developing Kish-Kyrgyzstan tourism while visiting Kish Free Zone Organization's booth at the 15th Tehran International Tourism and Related Industries Exhibition and meeting with KFZO Acting Deputy Director of Tourism.

KFZO Takes Part in Tehran Intl. Tourism Exhibition

Kish Island, January 30, 2022-Kish Free Zone Organization has taken part in the 15th Tehran International Tourism and Related Industries Exhibition to present the achievements and strategic plans of the Persian Gulf Island.

Hendurabi Ready to Host Nowruz Tourists

Kish Island, January 27, 2022- The head of the tourism deputy of Kish Free Zone Organization traveled to Hendurabi island to examine its infrastructure and potential to provide proper services to Nowruz tourists.

Turkish Hotel to Be Constructed on Kish Island

Kish Island, December 13, 2021-After reviewing the Construction Proposal of a 5-star hotel with 1000 rooms and over 2000 bed capacity, the economic and touristic outlook of the island will develop significantly.

Harireh Ancient City Nominated for Inclusion on UNESCO World Heritage List

Kish Island, December 11, 2021- According to UNESCO criteria, Harireh ancient city on Kish Island, is one of the Iranian historic monuments inscribed in UNESCO's Tentative List of World Heritage sites.

Kish Ready to Host 2022 Qatar World Cup Travelers

Kish Island, November 24, 2021-Kish island is ready to host 2022 Qatar World Cup Travelers, the head of Kish Hoteliers Association has announced