Kish Offers Free Vaccinations to Foreign Residents

Kish Island, January 3, 2023- The vaccination plan for foreign nationals and immigrants under 15 years of age living in Kish Island started on Saturday, December 31, 2022, and will continue until January 11, 2023.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, This plan aims to create immunity against measles, rubella, and polio. During this time, foreign nationals and immigrants, regardless of the history of immunization against diseases, can visit Kish Health Center (Bu Ali) in the Seffin district or call +98 7644432424 for more information. And if they are residing in the Sadaf area can get their vaccine in the morning by visiting the family clinic opposite Pardis Mall or calling +98 7644421283 for more information.

It is worth mentioning that Sahar health center also provides vaccination services to foreign nationals and immigrants in the morning.

According to this report, Kish Island employers can refer to the health centers and bases on Kish Island to know about an employee's health and vaccination status from January 21, 2023.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO