KFZO Head Stressed:

Kish Island Preparing for a Great Transformation into a Creative City

Kish Island, October 15, 2017- "With additional effort, creativity and innovation, Kish Island will be the first creative city in the country" the managing director of Kish Free Zone Organization emphasized:...

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, at the formal induction ceremony in which the people and officials of the country gave a warm welcome to Dr. Ansari Lari, he was appointed as the new Chairman and CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization. The event has been attended by several high-ranking officials including Dr. Mounesan, the Vice President and Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Dr. Morteza Bank, the President's advisor and secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade Zones, Fereydoun Hemmati, the governor general of Hormozgan Province, the parliament representatives of Hormozgan and Fars Provinces, the ambassadors of different countries, a delegation from Oman, the governors of Hormozgan and Fars Provinces, a group of military and police officials, heads of departments and institutions, and the residents and economic activists of Kish Island.

The ceremony was held on Saturday, October 14th, at Persian Gulf Hall of Kish International Conference Center.

At the ceremony, Dr. Ansari Lari, the new director of Kish Free Zone Organization, referred to the establishment of appropriate infrastructures on the island of Kish and said: "The increase in key economic, developmental and tourism indicators is a good thing that has been achieved on Kish Island, but we have even higher horizons and our goal is passing from the era of growth and reaching effective and important development in different sectors".

Dr. Ansari Lari described the role of this beautiful and safe island in the country's economic growth and development as very effective and added: "With our additional efforts and through combining rationality and freedom of mind, we can reach high level of creativity and innovation and we shall work together to transform Kish into a creative city with a strong motive and a desire of heart".

He stressed: "From now on all the citizens of the creative city of Kish Island, shall work to improve the quality of their activities and services and there will be no room for passivity and stagnation."

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO