Kish Island, a Desirable National and International Tourist Destination

Kish Island, 8 February 2021- The annual number of tourists visiting Kish Island is 50 times its population.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, Mohsen Gharib, the Managing Director of Kish Festivals and Events, stated that Kish Island is among the few regions in the country that host a large number of travelers from different cities of Iran."There are various cities in the country that host many domestic and international tourists according to their situation and population." He said

He added: "While the holy city of Mashhad, as one of the important centers of the pilgrimage tourism in the country, receives ten times as many tourists as its population, the population of domestic and international tourists that Kish Island annually hosts is more than 50 times its population".

Gharib stated: Considering that Kish Free Zone is of great importance in the tourism industry, tourism activities in this region should be developed and promoted.

Noting that 55% of Kish Island's activities are dedicated to tourism, the Director-General of Kish Festivals and Events said: "Developments on Kish Island in the field of tourism should be introduced to the whole world as a permanent tribune."

Mohsen Gharib stressed the need to use the existing capacities of this region to remove obstacles to holding exhibitions with the approach of introducing investment opportunities in Kish Free Zone and added: accurate and extensive information to introduce the benefits of free zones and the capabilities of these zones is among the main goals of Kish Free Zone Organization.

He pointed to the need to introduce investment opportunities in Kish Free Zone inside and outside the country and said: Due to the effective role of introducing investment benefits for domestic and foreign economic actors, Kish Free Zone Organization while supporting them, will provide suitable conditions in this regard.

He stressed the importance of holding scientific meetings with prominent professors of different universities in Kish Island and added: "In scientific meetings, the reason for creating free zones in the country and also comparing these zones with other free zones in the world with the approach of drawing capabilities should be examined."

Mohsen Gharib further stated: Holding scientific meetings on Kish Island to introduce the investment capacities of this region inside and outside the country is a valuable opportunity to use the expertise of the country scientifically.

Gharib said: we can introduce Kish Free Zone as a non-polluting city whose managers and citizens knowledge is increasing as an advanced civilization of the world.

It should be noted that in the conditions caused by the outbreak of corona, Kish Island, in compliance with health regulations and extensive interaction with private sector activists, and with the help of extensive activities of the Corona Countermeasures and medical staff to monitor the implementation of the National Corona headquarters, including flights capacity reduction, increasing the number of daily flights and requiring bazaars to oversee hygiene and frequent disinfection of shopping malls have provided a safe environment for tourists interested in traveling to this beautiful coral island.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO