KFZO Deputies, Indonesian Ambassador Discuss Expansion of Tourism, Economic Ties

Kish Island, January, 2018- Deputy Directors of Kish Free Zone Organization have met with Indonesian Ambassador on the expansion of ties.

KFZO Deputies, Indonesian Ambassador Discuss Expansion of Tourism, Economic Ties

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization,   Indonesian Ambassador to Iran, Octavino Alimudin, met with Alireza Ghaedian, the Deputy Director for Tourism, and Mohammad Reza Saeedi, the Deputy Director for Economic and Investment Affairs of Kish Free Zone Organization, to discuss plans for future cooperation in the tourism Field.

During the meeting, the Ambassador of Indonesia said that he had visited Anzali, Maku, and Chabahar free zones, but for Indonesia, Kish Island is of special importance, partly because of the similarity between planning and development of Kish Island and Indonesia.

"There are some Indonesians living in Kish, who are word-of-mouth tourism ambassadors for Kish Island," He added.

"Indonesia is ready to issue visas to all Iranian tourists in order to facilitate Iranians' travel," said Alimudin "Last summer Indonesia issued 12,000 visas to travelers, this can also be done for Kish Airlines passengers."

Proximity to Doha and Dubai, availability of good accommodation facilities in Kish Island, distribution of Kish brochures in Indonesian airlines, participation in Kish International exhibitions and attracting tourists by Iranian travel agencies in Indonesia were other issues that the Indonesian ambassador pointed to in developing tourism between Kish Island and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, KFZO Deputy Director for Tourism pointed to the previously signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  between Indonesia and Kish and said:" According to Dr. Ansari Lari's approach to the implementation of the provisions of international agreements, considering that there are economic and cultural fields between both countries, the provisions of this memorandum have the potential for revitalization."

Ghaedian referred to Indonesian Hajjis and pilgrims as the target group and added: "Due to the long air route from Indonesia to Mecca, given that no entry visa is required for Kish, the Indonesian pilgrims can have a short stay in Kish between the origin and destination to have a rest and enjoy the attractions. On the other hand, Iranian tourists can also visit Indonesia and the Indonesian island of Bali through Kish by launching direct flights."

KFZO Deputy Director for Tourism emphasized that Kish Island could be a great place for expanding Halal tourism between Muslim countries and said: "Given its successful experience in tourism industry, we can have constructive cooperation with Indonesia, we can establish a specialized training center, especially in tourism management and hospitality in order to develop tourism services."

The Deputy Director for Economic and Investment Affairs of Kish Free Zone Organization, for his part,  pointed out the necessity of expanding the infrastructures in order to achieve and share better experiences and said:" On the island of Kish, we are looking to create an area for international financial services, and Indonesia has good experiences in this area."

The development of marine tourism as one of the major goals of Kish Free Zone Organization was another point that Saeedi referred to as a means to further reinforce bilateral relations.

He pointed to several companies operating in the oil and gas industry in Kish and said this could also provide a platform for bilateral international trade between Iran and Indonesia.

"Kish can be a place for technology transfer in different fields, the connection between foreign and domestic investors, and the provision of services," Saeedi reiterated.

Saeedi continued, Kish Island, in the field of health tourism development, could also be recognized as the center for treating cancer in the region, where bilateral cooperation could be established.

At the end of his remarks, he deemed Kish Island as a gateway to different industrial sectors in Iran and said "implementation of earlier agreements will lead to expanding bilateral relations in commercial and tourism areas."

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO