Kish to Host 52 National & International Sports Events

Kish Island, November 18, 2022- The Advisor & General Director of the CEO’s Department at Kish Free Zone Organization announced the holding of 52 national and international sports events on Kish Island.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization,   in the meeting of the Minister of Sports and Youth with the heads of sports federations, Reza Shajie, the Advisor & General Director of the CEO’s Department, referred to the sports capacities of Kish Island and stated that part of the foundation of Kish sports owes to the services of the Minister of Sports and Youth when he was responsible for Kish sports and added: “Kish Island is ready to hold 52 sports events at the national and international level, and efforts have been made to include all sports in these events.”

He continued: Negotiations have been held with IranAir to establish the Kish-Dubai flight line so that we will have no problem hosting international sports events.

“Considering the possibility of Kish Free Zone Organization to use two percent of its 52 hotels bed capacity, this feature is available to host athletes in the competitions,” Shajie stated.

The advisor to the CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization considered the participation of the active and interested private sector in the field of sports in Kish as one of the most critical factors in the development of sports in this zone and pointed out that the private sector paid the prize money of 45 thousand dollars for tennis and 80 million tomans for squash: “In Kish sports teams, people have been selected who, in addition to bearing the cost, can host sports events and create capacity,” he said.

Referring to the half-finished championship swimming pool in Kish, he asked Hamid Sajjadi, Minister of Sports and Youth of our country, to add this complex to the cycle of serving the country's sports cycle with the support of the Sports Facilities Development and Maintenance Company of our country.

Appreciating the Minister of Sports and Youth's trust in entrusting him with the responsibility of Iran’s Sea and Beach Sports, Shajie announced the allocation of land for the construction of an advanced beach sports stadium and the establishment of the country's national beach and sea sports federation on Kish Island.

At the end of the ceremony and with the presence of Hamid Sajjadi, Iran’s Minister of Sports and Youth, the poster of "Kish Games" which is the first round of beach games on Kish island was unveiled.

These competitions will be held with the participation of 16 sports federations in 25 beach sports at the national level.

Kabaddi Federation, handball, sailing, lifeguard, swimming, basketball, football, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, karate, climbing, squash, physical fitness, sports, village associations, and local games are among the participants of this important sports event.

It should be noted that the meeting of the minister of sports and youth with the heads of sports federations was held on the morning of Thursday, November 17, at the Razi Hall of Kish International Convention Center.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO