kish news2018-12-15T23:54:14+03:302018-12-15T23:54:14+03:30RoboCup International Participants Find Kish Natural Attractions UniqueKish Island, December 9, 2018- Foreign participants of RoboCup competitions have found the natural attractions of Kish Island unique.2018-12-09T15:37:00+03:30 Ready to Host RoboCup Championships PermanentlyKish Island, December 8, 2018- Dr. Gholam Hossein Mozaffari said Kish Island can be the permanent host of the RoboCup Championships.2018-12-08T16:40:14+03:30 Asia-Pacific 2018 Underway in Kish Kish Island, December 8, 2018- Kish is hosting the 2nd edition of International Robotics Competition "Robocup Asia-Pacific (RCAP)."2018-12-08T16:37:58+03:30 Mozaffari Appointed Kish Free Zone Organization CEOKish Island, December 5, 2018- The President's Advisor and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade Zones has appointed Dr. Gholam Hossein Mozaffari as the new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kish Free Zone Organization.2018-12-05T11:03:53+03:30 Greek Ambassador Expresses Satisfaction with 2018 Air Show in KishKish Island, December 3, 2018-The Ambassador of Greece to Iran, Dimitri Alexandrakis called Kish Island a desirable tourist destination.2018-12-03T12:46:57+03:30 9th Iran Exhibition and Airshow Widely WelcomedKish Island, December 1, 2018-The ninth edition of Iran Airshow has attracted many tourists to Kish Island.2018-12-01T16:41:00+03:30 to Host 9th International Iran AirshowKish Island, November 20, 2018-The 9th International Iran Airshow is to be held in Kish Island later this month.2018-11-20T12:16:41+03:30 to Host 4th Gold, Jewelry Exhibition Kish Island, November 19, 2018- The 4th edition of the International Exhibition of Gold, Silver, Watch, Gemstones & related Industries will kick off in Kish Island on Monday, November 19.2018-11-19T14:01:15+03:30,-Jewelry-Exhibition-Kish Day is an Indication of the Island's Capabilities in the field of Tourism IndustryKish Island, November 10, 2018- The Director of Public Relations and International Affairs of Kish Free Zone Organization, Iraj Sharafzadeh said: commemoration ...2018-11-10T15:13:33+03:30's-Capabilities-in-the-field-of-Tourism-IndustryKish, Iran’s Gateway to Global EconomyKish Island, November 5, 2018- The CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization says Kish Island can serve as a corridor for boosting international exchanges and bridging Iran’s economy to the global markets as the US re-imposes unilateral sanctions against the country.2018-11-05T15:36:17+03:30,-Iran’s-Gateway-to-Global-EconomyKish Free Zone Organization Joins World Tourism OrganizationKish Island, November 4, 2018- Kish Free Zone Organization was officially accepted as a Member of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).2018-11-04T11:19:05+03:30 International Exhibition of Construction and Civil Engineering Underway in KishKish Island, November 3, 2018- The 14th International Exhibition of Construction and Civil Engineering kicked off in Kish Island on Friday, November 2.2018-11-03T16:53:41+03:30 East–Europe Forum Participants Hail Kish Island Potentials as International Conference HubKish Island, October 23, 2018- MEEF professors and foreign Guests have hailed the development process of Kish Island to turn to the hub of international scientific conferences.2018-10-23T13:32:00+03:30–Europe-Forum-Participants-Hail-Kish-Island-Potentials-as-International-Conference-HubGeorgian Investors See Huge Potential in Iranian MarketKish Island, October 25, 2018- Major Investment Companies in Georgia attending 10th Kish Investment Opportunity Conference are willing to Invest in Iranian Market and Develop Business-Economic Relations.2018-10-25T13:38:00+03:30 Invex 2018 Starts TodayKish Island, October 22, 2018- The 5th International Exhibition of Exchange, Banking, Insurance and Privatization and the 10th International Exhibition for Presenting Iran’s Investment Opportunities will kick off on October 22.2018-10-22T12:20:03+03:30 Ready for KishINVEX 2018Kish Island, October 7, 2018- On a trip to Kish Island, a number of tourism and economic activists from Oman expressed readiness to participate in KishINVEX 2018.2018-10-08T10:43:44+03:30 Deputy, Omani Delegation MeetKish Island, October 7, 2018- Kish Free Zone Organization’s Deputy Director for Economic and Investment Affairs, Mohammadreza Saeedi, has held a meeting with an Omani delegation on the expansion of tourism, economic ties.2018-10-07T16:42:31+03:30,-Omani-Delegation-MeetOman Tour Operators Eager to Organize Joint Tours with KishKish Island, September 30, 2018- Omani tour operators expressed interest in holding joint tours with Kish Island in Oman Health Exhibition & Conference 2018.2018-09-30T13:16:56+03:30 Introduces Its Potentials at Oman Health Exhibition & ConferenceKish Island, September 23, 2018- Kish Island will present its capacities and potentials in the field of health tourism at Oman Health Exhibition & Conference 2018.2018-09-23T12:24:59+03:30 Kish Summer Festival Comes to an EndKish Island, September 16, 2018- The 21st Kish Summer Festival came to an end last week with the closing ceremony held at Kish International Convention Centre.2018-09-16T15:40:19+04:30 Exhibition of, The Balkans- a Shared Heritage, Opens in KishKish Island, September 5, 2018-The photo exhibition of ‘The Balkans – a shared heritage’ by a Bulgarian photographer in was opened in Kish Island.2018-09-05T15:51:35+04:30,-The-Balkans--a-Shared-Heritage,-Opens-in-KishSeveral Economic & Developmental Projects Worth 2 Billion Tomans on the Way in KishKish Island, September 1, 2018- Managing director of Kish Free Zone Organization announced the launch of several Economic & Developmental projects with more than two thousand billion Tomans investment in the next few weeks.2018-09-01T13:42:44+04:30 Kish Travel Market to Kick off in Late AugustKish Island, August 21, 2018-The 10th Kish Travel Market is to be held at Kish International Exhibitions Center from August 27-30.2018-08-21T15:31:38+04:30 Tournaments to be held in Cooperation with the Ministry of Sports on Kish IslandMohammad Davarzani, Iran’s deputy sports minister promised ...2018-08-09T13:00:15+04:30’l Credit Cards Enter Kish FTZInternational credit cards have found their way to Kish Island, offering a credit of up to $100,000 to Iranian businessmen. ...2018-08-06T09:38:28+04:30’l-Credit-Cards-Enter-Kish-FTZSmart City Needs Smart PeopleKish Island, July 29, 2018- Managing director of Kish Free Zone Organization, Dr. Ansari Lari, outlined cultural preparation as one of the requirements of creating a smart city.2018-07-29T12:39:29+04:30 Turns into an International and Regional Aviation Hub Kish Island, July 16, 2018- Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization has announced the completion of Kish Island airport infrastructure to turn to an international aviation hub.2018-07-16T15:08:59+04:30 Island Ocean Women's Team Attends Sepaktakraw National LeagueKish Island, July 10, 2018- Ocean Women's Team of Kish Island has set to participate at Sepaktakraw National League in Zanjan.2018-07-10T15:23:00+04:30's-Team-Attends-Sepaktakraw-National-LeagueIlyas Yalcintas Holds First Night of Concerts in KishKish Island, July 5, 2018- Ilyas Yalcintas concert was attended by over 3200 people in Kish Island.2018-07-05T17:13:00+04:30 Ambassador Visits Kish Island Kish Island, June 28, 2018- On his trip to Kish Island, Kallayana Vipattipumiprates, described the southern island as one of the most beautiful islands in the world and a haven for tourists.2018-06-28T10:42:00+04:30 Cancer Surgery Conducted at Kish Cancer CentreKish Island, June 20, 2018-Kish Cancer Treatment Center is equipped with robotic surgical facilities for the first time in Iran.2018-06-19T15:17:00+04:30 Quds Day Rally to Be Held In KishKish Island, June 7, 2018- Residents of the Persian Gulf Island of Kish will take to the streets on Friday, June 8, 2018, to mark the international Quds Day and voice solidarity with the people of Palestine in their struggle against the occupying regime of Israel.2018-06-07T14:07:20+04:30 Project Inaugurated in Kish Island Kish Island, May 19, 2018- In a ceremony attended by Morteza Bank and Ansari Lari, the 4th and 5th Sarv Towers of Kish Dehkadeh Saheli have been inaugurated.2018-05-19T16:57:00+04:30 Hotel Opens in Kish IslandKish Island, May 19, 2018-Kourosh Hotel has been opened in Kish Island in the presence of Iranian president’s senior advisor and the secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Zones.2018-05-19T16:54:43+04:30 Head Visits Two Knowledge Enterprises in Kish Kish Island, May 7, 2018- Dr. Ansari Lari has visited Tissue Regeneration Corporation and Kish Medipharm.2018-05-07T16:55:00+04:30 Gypsy Kings Family to Perform in KishKish Island, April 26, 2018- The music band ‘Gypsy Kings Family’ will perform in Kish City Hall on Tuesday, May 2. 2018-04-26T16:16:21+04:30 Technology and Communications Expo Kicks off in Kish Kish Island, April 24, 2018- Information technology and communications (ITC) exhibition titled "Kitex 2018" Kicked off in Kish on Monday, April 23.2018-04-24T15:16:00+04:30 Head, Spanish Ambassador Discuss Expansion of Tourism, Trade TiesKish Island, April 17, 2018- Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization has met with Spanish Ambassador on the expansion of trade and tourism ties in Kish Island.2018-04-17T17:44:37+04:30,-Spanish-Ambassador-Discuss-Expansion-of-Tourism,-Trade-TiesKish to Host Startup ConferenceKish Island, April 17, 2018 -Kish Island will host a startup conference named Silk Road which aims to connect a select group of Iranian startups with foreign investors.2018-04-17T13:20:43+04:30 and Fastest Woman to Travel to Every Country Visits Kish IslandKish Island, April 12, 2018 -The 23-year-old native of, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Roll Tide), visited Kish Island on her way to becoming the youngest and fastest woman in history to travel to every country in the world.2018-04-12T14:04:00+04:30 New Year Holiday Hotel Occupancy Rate Hits 90 PercentKish Island, April 11, 2018 - Kish Free Zone Organization's Deputy Director for Tourism said: "The average occupancy rate of Kish hotels reached 90% during the Iranian New Year period (Nowruz.)"2018-04-11T11:01:00+04:30 Sees 28 Percent Increase in Sea Tourist ArrivalsKish Island, March 23, 2018-The number of tourists traveling to Kish Island by sea rose 28 percent from March 16 to 21, (which marks vacation time in the New Persian Year), to reach a total of about 26000. 2018-03-23T15:54:04+04:30 International Oncology Seminar to Be Held in KishKish Island, March 11, 2018- The first International Oncology Seminar will be held in Kish Island with over 100 Iranian and foreign physicians in attendance.2018-03-11T15:53:28+03:30 Hosts Technical Expo on Steel IndustryKish Island, February 27, 2018 - An international exhibition showcasing the latest technologies and equipment related to steel industry is to be held in Kish Island this week.2018-02-27T10:27:10+03:30 Permanent Representatives Council Held Meeting in Kish Island Kish Island, February 19, 2018-The 227th meeting of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Permanent Representatives Council has been held in Kish Island.2018-02-19T14:16:33+03:30 International Energy Exhibition to Be Held in KishKish Island, January 9, 2018-The 14th edition of Kish International Energy Exhibition will be held on Kish Island with 180 companies to showcase their latest state-of-art oil industry equipment and technology.2018-01-09T12:59:59+03:30 Deputies, Indonesian Ambassador Discuss Expansion of Tourism, Economic TiesKish Island, January, 2018- Deputy Directors of Kish Free Zone Organization have met with Indonesian Ambassador on the expansion of ties.2018-01-03T09:26:19+03:30,-Indonesian-Ambassador-Discuss-Expansion-of-Tourism,-Economic-TiesAmerican Tourist Undergoes Surgery in Kish HospitalKish Island, December 27, 2017- In line with the development of health tourism, an American tourist has undergone a cosmetic surgery in Kish Specialty and Subspecialty Hospital.2017-12-27T15:30:51+03:30's Largest Marine Event Kicks Off in KishKish Island, December 13, 2017- The 19th edition of the Conference and the 9th edition of the international exhibition on Marine Industries kicked off in Kish Island.2017-12-13T17:13:07+03:30's-Largest-Marine-Event-Kicks-Off-in-KishKish to Host 14th International Congress of MSKish Island, December 12, 2017- The 14th International MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Congress, with over 400 foreign and domestic guests, will kick off on December 13 on Kish Island.2017-12-12T12:51:21+03:30