RoboCup International Participants Find Kish Natural Attractions Unique

Kish Island, December 9, 2018- Foreign participants of RoboCup competitions have found the natural attractions of Kish Island unique.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, the Russian RoboCup mentor, "Arthur Tian" pointed to the good level of the competitions as well as the peaceful atmosphere and pleasant climate of Kish Island and said: "This is my first trip to Iran and Kish, it is very calm and relaxing here. While in Russia the weather is -40 degrees Celsius, Kish Island has a very pleasant spring weather, and it's just like we've traveled from a cold and frosty winter to a warm summer." The Russian robotic team's mentor also said: "We have had no opportunity to see the island fully yet, but we are eagerly looking forward to a more complete tour of the island." He evaluated the level of the competitions as high and added: "There are 4 participants in our team, along with a coach and one of the parents, a total of six from our region. Arthur Tian further said: "It was better to consider a place for lunch for the participating children in the venue so that they could focus more on their activities."

The coach of one of the Singapore teams, Zhou Chung Gio, also assessed the tournament level well and said: "The other participants' age is a bit higher than our team, so there is a big gap to cover, but our kids are displaying good resilience. It has been a good experience for them."

"As the main language here is Persian, there are some language barriers, and most communications, even the introduction, are in Persian. Of course, we have an interpreter who translates and briefs us separately.", he added.

"I hope we have the opportunity to see more of the island because the kids are very keen on visiting Kish," said the coach of the Singapore RoboCup team referring to the spectacular beauty of Kish Island.

One of the Singaporean participants also described the competition as challenging, saying: "Our rivals are Iranians who are very capable and highly motivated". He evaluated the level of the tournament as very well, and stated: "There are valuable innovations in the design and operation of the robots, and in total, a good atmosphere has been provided for training and competition".

"We haven't seen the island fully yet, but we have plans to go around the island tomorrow," he said, emphasizing that Kish Island is a very beautiful and spectacular area with a perfect climate.

It should be noted that over 2200 participants from 15 countries have participated in RoboCup Asia Pacific (RCAP) 2018 competition in a 21000 square meter area at Kish International Exhibition Center.

The event kicked off on December 5 and will be underway until December 10.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO