The Greek Ambassador Expresses Satisfaction with 2018 Air Show in Kish

Kish Island, December 3, 2018-The Ambassador of Greece to Iran, Dimitri Alexandrakis called Kish Island a desirable tourist destination.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, the Greek ambassador to Iran, Dimitri Alexandrakis, traveled to Kish Island to visit the 9th Kish International Aerospace and Aviation Exhibition. He found the air show very interesting and spectacular and praised the various sections of the international show "the holding of the International Exhibition of Air and Aviation Industries in Kish is a great opportunity to exchange the latest information in the industry.", he said.

Dimitri Alexandrakis also referred to the pleasant weather of Kish Island and said:" the natural beauty of the island, along with the hospitality of the kind residents of the region, has made Kish a desirable destination for a relaxing journey."

He described Kish as a haven for tourists and pointed to the annual visit of 2 million tourists to Kish Island which is a very impressive figure, and said the future of the tourism industry in Kish will be great and thriving, thanks to the young and motivated forces and the good facilities provided in this region.

The Greek ambassador referred to the amount of construction in various parts of the island and stated that these construction projects are indicative of the motivation of the economic activists to invest in the region and show the bright future of Kish Island.

During his trip, he visited Dreakhte Sabz (Green Tree) Complex, Ancient Town of Harireh and Kariz Underground City.

The 9th Iran Air Show was held from November 26 to 29 in Kish Island.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO