Georgian Investors See Huge Potential in Iranian Market

Kish Island, October 25, 2018- Major Investment Companies in Georgia attending 10th Kish Investment Opportunity Conference are willing to Invest in Iranian Market and Develop Business-Economic Relations.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, the 10th edition of the Exhibition on Iran's Investment Opportunities is underway in Kish Island from October 22 to 25.

During one of the expert level discussion panels of the 10th Kish Investment Opportunity Conference, Aieti Kukava, the Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Group Holding, referred to the huge potential of Iranian market and said:" Iran is a very old country like Georgia with an 80 million people market which is a valuable potential that urges Georgians to develop and strengthen their trade and economic ties with Iran."

He also referred to the presence of experienced, educated and intelligent people at the conference which provides an opportunity for information exchange." We are here to have this opportunity to meet people and wait when the time starts for developing very fast." said Aieti Kukava.

"I see a lot of potentials in terms of Georgia and Iran relationships because there are many Iranians investing in Georgia, there are over 150 active Iranian companies in Georgia, and the development of Iran- Georgia relations is for sure." He added.

"In terms of other countries, Iran is a big market, it's an 80 million people market, so all countries in the world will be interested, and they will be working with their governments to develop it, it's the question of time."

The CEO of Alliance Group Holding expressed that the 80 million people Iranian market is also an important market for other countries which has made the world eager to invest in this market, and expressed hope that, with the development of government relations, the context of the private sector investors' growth of commercial and economic ties will also be provided.

Kukava pointed to the great investment opportunities in Iran and emphasized that privatization is the most important investment opportunity, " There are many Iranian companies who need to privatize, who need to get technologies, European modern technologies, they need markets, so we have to be there, also from Iran, they can export to the rest of the world, so we see a lot of opportunities." He reiterated.

the head of the Alliance Group Holding Georgia, who is visiting Kish Island for the second time, referred to the climate and the beautiful nature of Kish, and listed the modern and well-equipped hotels of Kish as a sign of the island's prosperity and development, "Kish has great potentials and facilities, we are sure that there are many investors, traders, businessmen who will choose Kish Island for investing in many fields regarding its capacities and potentials and also for tourism."

It should be noted that several specialized meetings were held on the sidelines of Kish Invex 2018.

Kish Invex 2018 kicked off on October 22 and will be underway until October 25.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO