Oman Ready for KishINVEX 2018

Kish Island, October 7, 2018- On a trip to Kish Island, a number of tourism and economic activists from Oman expressed readiness to participate in KishINVEX 2018.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, following the successful participation of Kish Free Zone Organization in the 8th edition of Oman Health Exhibition, a number of tourism and economic activists from Oman traveled to Kish to visit the island's capacities and tourism, civil, economic, urban and recreational attractions.

Hussein Al 'Ajmi, one of the members of this delegation, said that after getting to know the potentials of the island of Kish in Oman Health exhibition, we traveled to the island to see the capabilities of Kish Island in two areas of economy and tourism closely "Kish Island is a beautiful region that has paid special attention to expanding domestic and international tourism," he added.

He pointed to tourist facilities and historical attractions of Kish and added: "We anticipate that the island will be welcomed by many tourists in the future, and introducing investment and tourism opportunities on the island is attractive for investors interested in investing in Kish Island. Of course, learning about these facilities requires visiting the island."

"We hope that this exhibition, which will be held in October will be a good opportunity for cooperation between Kish Island and the country of Oman," said the economic activist of Oman.

He emphasized that the relationship between Iran and Oman is not only based on political relations but also the two countries and the two peoples have friendly and brotherly relations.

In the end, Hussein Al 'Ajmi said that he hoped that while attending other exhibitions in Oman, Kish Island would be active in all exhibitions in the Gulf region.

It is to be noted that on Saturday, October 6, the Omani delegation met with Dr. Saeedi, Deputy Director for Economic and Investment Affairs, and discussed developing cooperation in Hotel industry, expanding aviation and maritime transport infrastructures, development of high-value and low volume industries, expansion of digital-based businesses, and foreign currency based international exchange activities were among the topics discussed in the meeting.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO