Smart City Needs Smart People

Kish Island, July 29, 2018- Managing director of Kish Free Zone Organization, Dr. Ansari Lari, outlined cultural preparation as one of the requirements of creating a smart city.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, Dr. Ansari Lari, made the comments during Parsian Smart City Conference held with the presence of, the tourism and economic deputy directors of Kish Free Zone Organization, Alireza Ghaedian and Mohammad Reza Saeedi, and a group of economic and cyber activists on July 25 at Kish International Conference Center.

At this conference, Dr. Ansari Lari expressed his satisfaction with holding the conference in Kish Island, saying: "Intelligentization of Kish Island is one of the issues we have emphasized since the beginning of our activities in this free zone. Therefore, in all our plans, we are trying to provide the infrastructures to convert Kish to a Smart City."

Managing director of Kish Free Zone Organization described smart citizens as one of the elements required to make a city smart, "One of the key elements to develop a smart city is educating citizens to keep pace with the culture of such cities, and culture should be considered as one of the infrastructures in this regard; otherwise, the outcome of the efforts to create smart cities will not be desirable" he reiterated.

He said: "The island of Kish is one of the cities that has the characteristics of the world's best cities with its high cultural and living standards. The smooth traffic flow, the beautiful green space, and the tranquility and security of Kish Island are all the potentials that serve as a valuable asset to become a smart city."

Dr. Ansari described the quiet traffic, the beautiful green space, the tranquility and security of Kish Island, all due to the efforts of managers from the beginning to now, as the potentials that we need to pass and serve as a valuable asset to accelerate smart city transformation.

"The discipline of Kish Island is an advantage that can turn it into a national model as an ideal platform for smart city development."KFZO head added.

PR & Int'l Affairs Department- KFZO