Tehran University Foreign Students to Introduce Kish Island to World Countries

Kish Island, May13, 2015- Foreign students majoring in Iran studies at Tehran University have traveled to Kish Island to get familiar with the advantages and merits of the Persian Gulf free zone.

KFZO Head Congratulates Aid Workers on Intl. Red Crescent Day

Kish Island, May10, 2015-The Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization has congratulated the Iranian aid workers on the international Day of Red Crescent.

Italian Sculptor Wins Kish Intl. Sculpture Top Prize

Kish Island, March 3, 2015- Italian sculptor Alessio Ranaldi has scooped the top prize for the 1st edition of Kish International Sculpture Symposium.

Artists Praise KFZO for Organizing Intl. Sculpture Symposium

Kish Island, February 23, 2015- Iranian and foreign artists taking part in the 1st edition of Kish International Sculpture Symposium have praised Kish Free Zone Organization for organizing the artistic event.

President’s Senior Adviser Hails Promotion of Tourism with Islamic-Iranian Approach

Kish Island, February 12, 2015-The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran Free Zone says the expansion of public and tourist spaces on Kish Island which feature Iranian Islamic values is a praiseworthy measure.

KFZO Head: House of Kish Indigenous People to Be Used as Tourist Attraction

Kish Island, January17, 2015- Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization has said that the House of Kish indigenous people will be turned into one of the cultural tourist attractions of Kish Island.

Kish Enex 2015 Kicks Off

Kish Island, January13, 2015-The 11th edition of Kish International Energy Exhibition, Kish Enex 2015, has opened on Kish Island.

Gathering of Experts & Managers of Medical Equipment Industry, Exhibition on Medical Equipment Underway on Kish

Kish Island, January4, 2015-The 21st gathering of the managers and experts of Iran’s medical equipment industry, kicked off on Kish Island on Thursday.

KFZO Managing Director: Free Zones on the Path to Export Development

Kish Island, December 17, 2014- Managing Director of Kish Free Zone, Ali Asghar Mounesan, said free zones have planned well during the past year to fulfill their assigned missions.

Asian Congress of Urology Significant Step in Promoting Healthcare

Kish Island, December6, 2014 - The Head of Inspection Bureau of Iran's Supreme Leader's office has described the ongoing Asian Congress of Urology as a "significant step in promoting healthcare in human society."

KFZO Head Speech at 12th Edition of Asian Congress of Urology

Kish Island, December 6, 2014- Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization welcomed all of the participants of the 12th edition of Asian Congress of Urology which is held on Kish Island and expressed the hope that the results coming from the international congress will ultimately lead to the scientific advances and the improvement of medical diagnostic methods.

Kish Hosts Intl. Confab on Technology Management

Kish Island, December3, 2014- 4th international and 8th national conference on technology management kicked off on Kish Island on Saturday at Kish International Convention Center